Very suitable Christmas shopping at The Hand Sale.

28th, 29th and 30th November 2018



Here are some images to inspire you and why the things you will find at The Hand Sale are so special and a good reason to come Christmas shopping or perhaps just to catch up with friends.  Its a very social event and friends meet up here year after year, it is very hard though to leave without a little purchasing!

All of the stall holders are either small independent designers, makers or travellers who collect. You won’t find the stall holders here on The High Street, only small boutiques, some online but others only pop up very sporadically at small events like these as they either have other full-time jobs or are studying and they are like gold dust! We hope you can come and both Gail and I really look forward to seeing you.

PARKING: Please do remember that parking outside St Mary Abbott’s Centre is private and for the sole use of residents and workers. Parking can easily be found underneath Kensington Town Hall and The London Royal Garden Hotel.

Agnes Baddoo
Coming over from New York for The Hand Sale!
Using vegetable tanning methods everything is handmade by a small local production house using the most exacting attention to detail, resulting in timeless pieces with life-long value
Sally Hampson
Working with 100% pure British sheep breeds, Shetland, Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob

Mikey Skapa
A PhD student at University of York making hand-carved pieces of
English folk art inspired by archaeology and anthropology.
Nom Living
A London based company working directly with artisans in South East Asia to create hand -crafted, sustainable, functional and contemporary objects for the home. 
Stuart Paterson
The distinctive, out of the ordinary, elusive antique dealer!
Andalusian Pottery
A new collaboration between Jessica Hayns of The World of Interiors, Gustavo Peruyera and photographer Ricardo Labougle. They have been shopping in Spain, all will be revealed.
Viola Lanari
Scuptured plaster lamps
Viola will aso have a very special offer of superb red wine and champagne from her family vineyard in Italy!
Great for a gift or celebration.

Wilder Botanics
Made from the finest organic wild crafted energetic ingredients, completely sustainable and recyclable. There are no chemicals or preservatives, just pure natural products for your body .
Justine Tabak
A slow fashion collection made carefully in the British Isles.
Spry Workwear
Showcasing her new denim dresses and corduroy boilersuits.
Traditional workwear reimagined for the modern woman
Stylish, practical, easy to wear clothes made from simple, hard-working fabrics, all designed and made in England.
Mourne Textiles
Drawing inspiration from nature, woven on industrial looms almost a century old.

Bolam Style
Stylish easy to wear clothes that won’t date, in beautiful fabrics
many hand-dyed or hand loomed.
Each piece of Bolam is made with care and attention to detail by a small atelier Georgie has partnered with in Delhi.
Cosi Textiles
Cosi’s aim is to seek out organic, ethically produced materials for every step of the process.  Each one has been handmade and is imbued with the spirit of those who created it and each piece is unique – the Tibetan yak herders, the Himalayan alpaca farmers, the Nepali spinners and weavers, the artisans and designers.
Hambro and Miller
Each piece is handmade in the UK using the finest natural yarns, by a wonderful team of knitters spanning the length and breadth of the country who, between them, have hundreds of years of experience in the craft. Clothing to be handed down from generation to generation.
Tim Plunkett
With a BSc in environmental science and involvement in direct action opposing the destruction of ancient forests and cultures, Tim’s ethics are to use sustainable woods sourced locally to his home in Norfolk.
The pieces are beautiful and practical pieces, which show the unique character of each piece of wood
Coban Rugs
Hand woven goats wool rugs combining traditional weaving and contemporary designs.
Very fine porcelain candle holders decorated with 18K gold, soy candles, organic esential oils, all hand made, with recycled packaging and refillable, sustainably made in UK.
Sula Clothing
Hand-made by local communities in many parts of the world by artisans who hand-weave, dye and embellish textiles. Sulaclothes are about the irregularity of hand-woven cloth and stitching and the poignant beauty of fabrics that develop a patina over time. 
Wati Collective
Working directly with skilled artisans from Colombia in order to share their work
and tell their stories.
An evolving business with a vision to support local artisans enabling them to create a sustainable income to support themselves and their communities, while preserving their rich culture and traditions.
Suki Cheema
 Highlighting the love affair between art, travel and textiles, places bright colors and bold prints at the heart of his collection of timeless modern designs.
The Interior Spy
African homewares, spporting artisans in Africa, baskets, and lighting.
Karin Hossack
Handmade in London, stoneware with a rustic vibe in an array of colours
as well as quiet subltle tones.

Christa Davis
Upcycled clothing with as a low an impact on the environment as possible, made in UK and Europe. In 1991 Christa started customizing vintage clothing creating an original deconstructed look that was to become part of a groundbreaking new movement in fashion.
There is always a rush on for Christa’s cashmere at The Hand Sale!
Right from the start when Susannah Baker Smith first bought some of this fabulous work from her travels in Syria to The Hand Sale, we have been championing this beautiful work of displaced Syrian women. The embroidered work is a contemporary take on ancient Aleppan and Damascene tradition. Please take a look at the collaborations and other incredible work supporting this community of women.
  A new venture by Cathy Giangrande – you will have to come and see! 
Bellie Williams
Hand woven shawls, baskets, silver and collections from Ethiopian travels.
The Living Lounge
Handmade artisan gifts and home accessories with a Scandinavian style.
Helene Turbe
 After working 10 years in Paris as a producer Manager in the media industry, in 1998, Helene moved to London and joined London Metropolitan University to study jewellery. 
Her inspiration is drawn from the ornate allure of jewellery dating from Byzantine and Victorian eras.
Karen Downing
Porcelain pots for everyday use: pots to be filled up, drunk out of, eaten from. The essence of her work is in its potential for use.
Using one material, a single glaze, a restricted vocabulary of form and repetition throwing, Karen Downing explores the idea of slow but constant change over time.
A joy to own and use.
Brooke Gregson
Influenced by textiles and watercolour paintings Brooke’s collections are a homage to the different symbols jewellery can hold and for the individuals who wear it.
Jewellery that is aesthetic and soulful.
Sia Taylor
graduated from the Royal College of Art scultpure school before designing her own fine handcrfted jewellery in precious metals. Fine and delicate, understated beauty.
Sia has a long line of Hand Sale followers who have been passionate about her work for many years.
Henrietta Bevan
Henrietta makes the highest quality silk crepe dresses and shirts in simple shapes for working women who want to feel sexy and chic while getting on with the business of living.
The prints are screen-printed in original and beautiful colours.
Zwan & B Floral Design,
Based in southwest London. Christmas wreaths as well as offering bespoke a service for bouquets, weddings, workplaces.
Ukraine Experience
As well as offering the most authentic, safe and socially responsible travel experiences in Ukraine, they also have a collection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains including antique textiles and clothing.
Sam Starke
Handmade in Suffolk using recycled saw blades with hand carved wooden handles and tooled leather pouches.
Trouver Antiques
Along with collections of French antiques, Lin makes wonderful hand blocked cushions in fabulous colours, her own designs on vintage linens.
Mel Waterer
Hand built pottery in organic shapes inspired by the beautiful Suffolk lansdscape she lives in.
Incredibly tactile and to be used every day, they are very functional.
Celia Worster
With a full time job as a complimentary therapist and mother of 4 boys, Celia somehow makes time to make a range of handmade aromatherapy creams and oils for which she as an ever growning list of converted users who come back year after year and to buy as gifts.  Just by meeting her and most likely having a hand massage from her, you will “know” how good her potions are!
Fliff Carr
Handmade in white earthenware clay, embossed, stamped or inlaid with subtle shades of coloured slip, underglazes and textures from vintage fabrics and found objects. Dark lines, thinly drawn or inscribed unify designs and provide a common motif in Fliff’s understated, contemporary aesthetic.
Mudlarking being a passion of Fliff’s and her finds are also incorporated into some pieces.
Drift Jewellery
Each piece is unique and hand made by Fi. Using collected sea glass found on the Suffolk coastline, Spain and The Isles of Scilly and combined with semi-precious stones, precious metals, silk and leather.
Ram Jewellery
Exquisite 22ct gold jewellery, all handmade in London. Ram’s work has been selling at The Hand Sale for many years with many, many followers.
Kirsten Hecktermann
First started dipping cloth into dye vats on Out Of Africa.
A new collection of hand dyed velvet cushions, lampshades and handmade jewellery.
And there will be spoons.

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