New cushion colours arriving and spoons have been added to the shop

New colours of hand dyed velvet cushions will be added this week with the introduction of free shipping on all UK orders of hand dyed cushions and also includes a curled feather pad.

Small quantities of fabric are dyed at a time and made into cushions with some colours selling out quickly. This is done to introduce new colours more frequently to try and suit a wide range of tastes. Popular favourites will return over time. If you need help choosing colours please email for swatches or to be added to the mailing list for private sales and newsletters.

Many velvet cushions are available online but to achieve these colours quite a lengthy process is involved, resulting in each piece being unique, some with more and some with less subtle veins of colour running through the fabric.


……….Hand carved spoons have at last been added to the shop with new designs and favourites.

spoon image 2 august 2014